4 Essential Qualities of a Great Logo

Your company’s logo is like your social media profile picture. With just one picture, it can define who you are, what you do, and why people should be interested in you. But unlike your profile picture, you can’t easily change your logo. Designing an effective logo will make sure that people will see your business as appealing, reliable, and credible.  Here are the characteristics of a good company logo.

Relevant. The design of your logo should be relevant to your company, the industry, and of course, the customer. When creating one, think of something that will appeal to your audience. Make it simple, so that it does not overwhelm people. However, make sure that your logo is original enough, which takes us to the next trait.

Distinctive. Despite the simplicity of your logo, it has to be something that clients and stakeholders can easily identify. This means that they shouldn’t be confusing another company’s logo with yours.

Flexible. Your logo is going to be pasted into flyers, brochures, letterheads, and possibly even mugs and bottles. All of these have different sizes and dimensions. Your logo should be clear and attractive whether you put it on a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal medium. Make it adaptable that the quality of the image won’t be ruined whether you shrink it or blow it up. When it comes to that, it would be best to use vector graphics to design your logo.

While colors play a significant role in the design, your logo should be independent of it, in the sense that it would still be recognizable and appealing in grayscale. There will be instances where your logo will be printed in grayscale (for example, photocopying documents), and you will want it to have the same amount of impact even in that presentation.

Timeless. Making your logo dependent on fads will make it susceptible to the need to redesign it when said fads are no longer in demand. Popular brands follow this example – they create a design that doesn’t rely on what’s popular but instead, makes one that will stand the test of time.

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