5 Ways to Make Your Business Card Awesome

Even in the digital age, Business Cards continue to be used.  Basically, a summary of basic information on an individual or company for future contact purposes, these small pieces of paper are also a simple yet effective marketing tool. Of course, business cards abound and people would often rather leave them on a purse or corner rather than actually keep them. You may succeed in having them read what’s written, but the ideal goal for any company is to be remembered. Here are some ways to stand out and be remembered.

Try Different Materials and Designs

Stiff paper. Cardboard. Boring. If your business card doesn’t even catch attention, it would most likely be ignored. Try experimenting with new materials. Different textures, colors, and even scents will make your card distinguishable from the rest.

Use Finishes and Cutting

Metallic inks die cuts, laminations, or even embossing will help the card pop out more. While these additions may cost more than your average printed piece of paper, they will certainly leave a lasting impression. They may even be more worth keeping. Even for uninterested individuals, using your business card as a bookmark could inspire them to make a call when they finally need your services.

Print with Quality

No matter how colorful your business card’s design could be, it’s a major turn-off when it’s spotty or begins to bleed out. The quality of your business card can reflect your quality as a company, and the best quality is ideal.

Make it More than a Business Card

Other than just a bookmark, there are more reasons for people to keep your card for a while. Try using the back of the business card as a calendar or print out your latest product or promo for enhanced marketing. You can also model your business card to function as a ruler or fold it out as a cellphone seat.

Include Your Brand

Information is relevant, but taking it a step further by incorporating your company into your business card’s design will make it more memorable. Try printing your logo, vision statement, or a design related to the business theme into your card.

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