Green Printing Practice

Green printing, or eco-friendly printing as some may know it, is growing in popularity. This applies to all other industries – manufacturing, retail, and even service organizations are all joining in. This trend is in response to the public’s growing concern about environmental preservation. Going green is one of the best ways to appeal to stakeholders, and companies know it. Not to mention that it would do us a lot of good as well.

Use an efficient printer. The less time it takes to print a batch, the less energy it takes. Efficient printers also require less use of ink and toners. Not only does it save money, but it also definitively reduces waste.

Use recycled paper. FSC seals are the mark you should look for if you want to buy environmentally friendly paper. Choose paper with recycled materials. This will result in less use of raw materials directly sourced from logged trees.

Reuse supplies. Refill ink cartridges as much as possible. You can also recycle toners in the same manner.

Adjust printer settings according to need. Using mono printing by default effectively reduces toner consumption. Print in black and white if you don’t really require to do so in color. When leaving a printer to do print jobs overnight, set them in Night Mode to automatically turn to standby mode when no longer in use.

Efficient ink usage. Choosing to print in ink-saving font styles like Calibri reduces the amount of ink needed per page. Draft printing and using print preview lets you double-check your print result before you go through with batch printing, minimizing waste.

Use eco-friendly ink. Soy-based and vegetable-based inks are easier to remove from printed paper, which is quite helpful in recycling paper. Soy-based inks are particularly compatible with printing labels.

Eco-friendly practices are a means for us to contribute to the collective effort to preserve our home. Whether it is printing or our daily activities, all of us stand to gain from the end result.

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