Boxing Up: Corrugated Boxes

We see those thick, brown boxes almost everywhere – supermarkets, convenience stores, retail shops, offices… people seem to prefer them when it comes to storage and delivery. But what is the deal with these boxes?

1. Corrugated boxes, unlike cardboard boxes, are made with a board with a liner and medium in order to hold heavier items and protect fragile contents. They are one of the most popular choices when it comes to packaging boxes.

2. When unused, they come in foldable forms and thus do not take too much space in storage. When used, they can be stacked up to the limit indicated, depending on the materials and thickness of the boards used. Investing in high-quality material for sturdier and moisture-resistant boxes may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the long-term effect of protecting goods and ensuring safe delivery will surely drive total costs lower.

3. Corrugated boxes are reusable. Because they are sturdier than other boxes, they can take on more damage and thus can remain intact even after initial use. This is also another contributor to driving down costs. What’s more, they are lightweight and therefore reduce shipping costs.

4. They can be used to carry paperwork, office supplies, apparel, food items, and other retail products. These boxes are made to be able even heavy things. Corrugated boxes have varied sizes and thicknesses – the stronger the box needed, the more layers it contains. Its moisture-resistant variable is also ideal when it comes to distributing perishable goods like food products.

5. Many companies opt to customize their corrugated boxes. Generally, the company name, logo, and slogan are printed in the box. This helps a business identify its boxes as its own. Additionally, people who come across the boxes can see the custom design. This provides the company a form of advertising along with effective packaging – killing two birds with one stone.

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