Bookmark Printing For Business – How To Build Name Recognition

Benefits of Bookmark Printing
Every time someone sits down to read a book, they see whatever is printed on their bookmark – this could be advertising and information about your business. Bookmarks are on the rise in popularity and are a subtle way of keeping your business brand in the minds of readers, especially if the bookmark design you choose is colourful, quirky and attention-grabbing. Despite the popularity of e-books and kindle, people love to hold a printed book or magazine and use bookmarks to keep their place.

The Basics of Bookmark Printing

Most bookmarks are made from cardstock that is durable and includes full-colour printing on both sides, with a high-gloss finish, crisp colours and vibrant photographs and graphics. It’s best to choose top quality card stock with a striking finish. Bookmarks might need a coating for a professional appearance. Matte finishes don’t generally have the same impact as glossy ones. Attaching your business name to a bookmark is a good marketing strategy and shouldn’t be forgotten in the mix of digital transitions, e-books and online publishing.

Build Your Brand With Bookmark Printing

Bookmark printing is now becoming a trendy and successful way of endorsing your brand since it not only marks a page but can build a relationship between readers and your product. Bookmark printing can be used for event tickets, coupons, business cards, or even as small calendars.

Bookmark Sizes and Shapes

The size of a bookmark makes it an interesting way of advertising as they’re normally narrow strips but this doesn’t limit their usefulness, rather it can enhance it. Text is usually brief and to the point and images should be crisp, with a lower resolution and fewer pixels.

Tips to catch the reader’s attention:

  • Make your bookmark memorable with bright, crisp colours and perhaps a quirky message or graphic about your business
  • Writers and authors can use bookmarks as promotion tools and giveaways to advertise their latest books or build up interest and anticipation for their release date.
  • Librarians, tutors and teachers can have special bookmarks printed as motivational tools for students, or they can be used as prizes for achievement.
  • You can make custom bookmarks for your reading group or church.
  • Giving your book as a gift for someone special? A thoughtful touch would be a  personalised bookmark to keep you in the thoughts of your friend or loved one.
  • Put a small calendar on the back of your bookmark, or useful community information along with your band name.

Print on both sides of the Bookmark

Don’t forget to print make full use of the space by printing on both sides of the card because readers don’t take much notice of which side of their bookmark is facing them when they slip it between the pages. Printing on both sides gives you an equal chance that the reader will see your message if both sides are printed. A useful tip: keep your bookmark design simple, and try including a call to action, for instance, your website address, email, phone number or Facebook page.

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